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May 7, 2013

Moving on now to the next image in the sequence of events, we find Arredondo moving quickly to aid Bauman. Just kidding … what we actually find him doing is beginning to pull the fence down from the inside, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he is bringing it down directly on top of one of the victims, which is probably okay because she was undoubtedly an actress anyway. What is important to note here is that the Cowboy Hero already had access to the victims but rather than assist them he chose to spend the next few minutes helping to tear the fence down, pretending as though he hadn’t already been on the other side of it. No medical personnel are yet on the scene and yet almost all of the victims have already left on their own, thoughfully carting their severed limbs off with them. Jeff, naturally enough, continues to be ignored. As can be seen, the bomb shrapnel all passed cleanly between the fence pickets without breaking a single one.


In the next image we see that Redcoat has moved away to reveal that the spot previously occupied by her and the other accomplices is covered with a pool of very unconvincing blood. The fence is now down and responders are on the scene but Arredondo is nowhere in sight and Jeff is being ignored by everyone. Both of his stumps continue to be at right angles to his body and the knee on the left stump remains bent at a right angle, though he has rolled onto his side to draw attention away from that. He is now also keeping a firm grip on that longer leg/prosthesis and he will continue to do so for as long as he remains in camera range.

Absurdly enough, hoody guy, while still wearing his shades, is receiving medical attention while Jeff, just a couple of feet away, is apparently invisible. No one has bothered to even fashion a makeshift tourniquet or two to arrest his alleged bleeding. And why, one wonders, has Jeff been abandoned by all his accomplices? Why, after first providing no assistance whatsoever, have all three of them now physically distanced themselves from him? It clearly wasn’t to get out of the way and let responders tend to his alleged wounds. And speaking of responders, wouldn’t it have been a nice gesture for hoody to say to rescuers something along the lines of, “don’t worry about me, guys – the poor motherfucker right there doesn’t have any legs!”


Next up is an image in which we again see that the ground is drenched in stage blood that even Roger Corman would have balked at using. We also see that both of Jeff’s limbs continue to be locked in a sitting position and that he continues to keep a very tight grip on the left prosthesis. And he continues to suffer alone, with no one at any time offering any assistance whatsoever in any of the recorded images, even though a responder is clearly standing right there in what is supposed to be his pooled blood, with his back turned to Jeff as though he is guarding him rather than assisting him. Just to the left of Jeff’s head can be seen the boot and camo fatigues of a soldier with the national guard, who also has his back to Jeff as though guarding rather than assisting him. Arredondo remains missing in action. Apparently aware of the presence of a photographer (who the girl next to him is looking directly at), Jeff is now grimacing.


In this next image, Jeff is ready for his moment in the spotlight. Ridiculously, he is in a wheelchair rather than strapped to a gurney. And just as ridiculously, his alleged wounds are on full display because, you know, no one thought to throw a coat or a sheet or something over them. It couldn’t really be any more obvious, given the laws of gravity, how absurd it is for a bottomless guy to be transported in an upright position. There is no question that under any other circumstances, this guy would have been on a gurney with his wounds covered with a sheet. But that would have ruined the show that his prosthetics were specifically designed for. Also, it would have looked pretty ridiculous to have him in a sitting position while lying on his back on a gurney.

legs8The next two images are not part of the sequence of events revolving around Jeff and his associates, but are included here as examples of how people on the scene with far less significant leg wounds were handled by responders. This is how, in the real world, people with alleged leg injuries are transported.

leginjury1 leginjury2

Next up is another view of Jeff in the wheelchair. From this angle we can see that his left leg is still bent at the knee at a right angle, even though that is a very unnatural position for it to be in. Without exertion by our victim/hero, his lower leg would be hanging straight down. To maintain it in that position would require physical exertion for the entire time that Bauman remained on the scene, both while on his back and while in the wheelchair. So apparently Jeff not only remained conscious and quite alert throughout his ordeal, he also maintained enough strength to keep his knee locked at a right-angle.

I should also point out here that though we have a clear view of the street, there isn’t so much as a drop of blood visible in the wheelchair’s path. Note also that Jeff’s longer stump looks quite horrifying here, with bloody flaps of skin and all manner of nastiness hanging from it, though none of that was visible when he was waving his stump in his accomplices’ faces while avoiding getting blood on them.


This next image is a highly incriminating one of Redcoat, ready for her photo op. It is clearly the same woman – same face, same clothes, same purse. But the last time we saw her, she had miraculously survived the blast without visible injury and had even more miraculously managed to avoid getting drenched in Jeff’s blood. But now, as she is about to be rolled out for the waiting cameras, she has suddenly and inexplicably become a bloody mess. Note also that Nicole, who had previously been sitting up and looking around, has once again moved to a different location and is now being treated as though she has a spinal injury. She also has a makeshift tourniquet around her leg which appears to be unnecessary.


Here is yet another dramatic shot of accomplice #1 being rushed to a waiting ambulance. She is now bleeding so profusely that there is a river of blood rushing down towards the bottom of the gurney and her chest is completely drenched. It’s a miracle she’s still alive. Luckily they had a gurney available for her. And for Nicole as well, as can be seen below. And they also drove the ambulance right up to the site of the blast, rather than wheeling her down the street. But they could probably only do that for people with really serious injuries.


There is one other image that must be discussed here. Among the literally hundreds of posted photos that I have reviewed, it stands out as being the only image in the public domain that comes anywhere close to depicting the level of carnage described by Arredondo and others. It is the only image that depicts anyone other than Bauman with an apparently amputated limb. It also depicts some rather dead-looking women who appear to be being checked for vital signs. And of course Jeff himself makes an appearance with his perpetually bent knee.


There is though a bit of a problem with that particular image: it seems to be at odds with other available images. If we look at it side-by-side with an earlier image, for example, it is pretty clear that the guy with the missing lower leg and the two dead women weren’t there initially. And at the risk of sounding insensitive, I have to note here that dead people and/or people with mangled legs generally have pretty limited mobility, so the question naturally arises: how did they get there?

Bostoncarnage.1 legless3.1

One final piece of evidence concerning Bauman can be found in a YouTube video. As can be seen, as Jeff is belatedly being rolled out, an EMT rushes up to stop the wheelchair processional to make a last-second adjustment before Bauman reaches the waiting cameras. Given that Jeff was at the time allegedly just moments away from death, what kind of adjustment could have possibly been so important?

So what have we learned today? Some conclusions can be drawn with a certainty, such as that the story told by Carlos Arredondo is a complete fabrication. Virtually every aspect of the tale he has told is demonstrably untrue and yet it has been readily accepted and repeated by the mainstream media. It is also irrefutably true that the guy calling himself ‘Christian Williams’ has also left a reeking pile of bullshit on the table. His phantom injuries, which he has used to raise some $100,000 (is that the going rate these days for selling your soul?), were entirely imaginary and his wife is nowhere to be seen in any of the photos. We also know that the image of Redcoat that was presented to waiting photographers was an entirely contrived one, complete with lots of added stage blood. And we know that ‘Nicole Gross’ didn’t really break her leg in two places and wasn’t really standing with her husband and sister when the blast occurred.

And what about ‘Jeff Bauman’? Did he really have both of his legs blown off? Is it really possible for someone to have both legs blown apart like that while those around him walk away with barely a scratch? And is it really possible that the people who were pressed up against him could somehow avoid being drenched in blood? And is it possible that real blood does sometimes look like red paint? And that with two freshly severed femoral arteries, there wouldn’t have been a much, much larger pool of blood? And is it within the realm of possibility that everyone around him, including numerous first responders, could have completely ignored his dire condition for an inordinate amount of time? And that when he was finally ‘rescued’ it was by being rolled off to who-knows-where in a wheelchair? And should we just ignore the fact that hoody was manipulating Jeff’s stumps immediately after the blast, while shielded by smoke? And should we also ignore the curious fact that Jeff’s stumps remain locked in the exact same position throughout his ordeal? And that Carlos can be seen signaling to him very soon after the blast occurred, after which he subsequently ignored him for a considerable amount of time? And that Jeff didn’t bother mentioning that while allegedly praising Arredondo from his hospital bed?

None of that, quite frankly, seems very plausible to me. It also seem very unlikely that a guy who really did have his legs blown off would find himself surrounded by people who were obviously there as actors playing roles. I will be the first to admit though that the notion that the government would use amputee actors to portray trauma victims, complete with Hollywood blood and gore, seems a rather bizarre notion. But it is not, strangely enough, wild-eyed conspiracy theorizing to suggest such a thing. To the contrary, as this video clip culled from the mainstream media clearly demonstrates, it is an acknowledged fact that the government does indeed employ amputee actors for training purposes.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that the government used actors in the Boston bombing operation. It does though mean that there are amputees out there who have experience convincingly portraying victims of severe trauma, and it means that the government is more than happy to employ them during training exercises, and that it does so primarily for shock value. And nothing in recent memory, I have to say, had quite the shock value of the guy at the finish line of the Boston Marathon with the shredded legs.

It’s okay though. You can go back to sleep now. I’m sure everything is going to work out just fine. Don’t be surprised though if you wake up one day soon to find the streets lined with armored personnel carriers and the skies filled with military helicopters. Because if you accept the implementation of martial law in Boston as a legitimate response to a patently fake ‘terrorist’ attack, then you have given your seal of approval for far more wide-reaching and far more permanent states of martial law in the not-so-distant future. And it will happen. The only question is when.