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May 22, 2013

I don’t think that it is any big secret that I am not much of a fan of Fox News. But every once in a while, even Fox lets a little bit of truth slip out, though certainly not intentionally. Take for example a fascinating Youtube clip which features a befuddled Shepard Smith (at least I think it is Smith; he doesn’t appear on camera) trying to make sense of the live aerial footage he, along with the audience, is viewing.

The first couple minutes is a ground level view of people rushing back and forth. At about the 2:20 mark is where it starts to get interesting. That is when our old friend Jeff Bauman is wheeled out with his gruesome wounds on display. Smith appears to be genuinely horrified by what his network is splashing across the screen (which is, of course, the reaction we were all supposed to have), after which he begins speculating on what has just happened: “We do not see an enormous amount of structural damage at all. What we see is windows that are blown out and people who are injured who came from behind those glass walls.” (emphasis added)

The “glass walls” he is referring to, of course, would be the blown-out glass storefront of the Lenscrafters outlet, which raises a rather provocative question: did Smith actually see footage of the actors emerging from within Lenscrafters to take their places on the pavement? Is that where the prosthetics, make-up and costuming were handled?

Smith then offers up the theory that the explosion was in what he assumes to be a hotel, and that it could possibly have been the result of a gas leak in the kitchen. His confusion is entirely understandable given that there was a noticeable lack of any indication that there had been an explosion out on the pavement, including a serious shortage of visible victims. Smith then listens in as local Fox reporter Maria Stephanos talks with the anchor for the local Fox affiliate, who is identified only as Mike. Stephanos quickly dismisses the second blast as insignificant. She then goes on to say that the first blast did not occur at ground level, but rather midway up the building. Mike interjects, “So, Maria, again just to make this point, since you were right there, you’re saying from what you could see, it didn’t seem like the explosion happened on the ground but actually happened in the building?” To which Maria quickly responds, “Exactly, Mike, in the middle of a building. I was right there. I turned around and you saw the plume of smoke in the middle of the building.”

So the bomb went off midway up the building, but it blew off everyone’s legs?! That doesn’t sound quite right. What does sound entirely plausible though is that a smoke bomb was detonated over the heads of the crowd, providing cover for the actors, in full wardrobe and make-up, to swiftly emerge from Lenscrafters to take up their positions on the pavement. And if that sounds crazy to you, blame Fox News. They’re the ones who reported it.

Below is a shot of the scene of the crime not long after the smoke bomb was detonated. We’ve seen this shot or ones very similar to it before, but our focus has been on the actors in the scene, all of whom are basically within the center triangle. But let’s shift our focus instead to the stragglers on the scene at the bottom of the image who aren’t actors. I’ve enlarged that area for you to make it easier to ascertain what is going on.

realpeople1 realpeople2

Did you notice that pretty much all the people along the fence line who aren’t running away, beginning with the bald guy with sunglasses and continuing down to the guy in the red jacket and blue cap, are all looking in the same direction? And it’s not at the ground, where the bomb supposedly detonated and where all the alleged victims are laid out. No, they are all looking at a spot about midway up the building, above where all the fake victims are sprawled out. That’s a pretty strange coincidence, isn’t it?

It would appear then that there were no backpack bombs. And if there were no backpack bombs, then there obviously were no backpack bombers. So it really doesn’t matter if the Tsarvaev brothers were among the spectators that day, and it doesn’t matter whether they were or were not wearing backpacks, and it doesn’t even matter whether Jeff Bauman ever makes up his mind about whether he saw one of the brothers set his pack down, because none of that has anything at all to do with what happened in Boston on April 15.

The Tsarzaev brothers did not detonate smoke bombs above the heads of spectators. The Tsarnaev brothers did not hire a bunch of crisis actors and outfit them with make-up and prosthetics. The Tsarnaev brothers did not ensure that there would be fake responders like Carlos Arredondo on the scene to rush to the aid of the fake victims. And the Tsarnaev brothers did not see to it that all avenues of the American media would report the story the way Washington wanted it reported.

Let’s now return, as promised in the last post, to the tale of the heroic Dr. Allan Panter, who gave Carlos a serious run for his money for the title of ‘the most brazen liar to emerge from the Boston debacle.’ One breathless account of Panter’s heroics (the one that claims that he is an ER doc in North Carolina), reads as follows: “Now, Panter steps into hell … The bombs, which authorities say were stuffed with ball bearings and nails, have ripped through the bystanders, creating what Panter describes as a ‘mangled mess.’ One of the first victims Panther (sic) treats is a man dug out from the street-front rubble. His legs now end at the knee. Nearby, a young woman in her mid-20s goes into cardiac arrest. Panter works to keep her airways open. Someone else does CPR. They get a pulse. The victim is loaded on a stretcher and rushed to an impromptu medical tent. Panter later hears that she dies.”

Does anyone recall seeing Jeff Bauman being dug out from under any rubble? Or seeing anything in any of the images that might be characterized as a “mangled mess” of bodies?

The woman referenced is, of course, Krystle Campbell. In another version of events, Panter is described as an ER doc from Gainesville, Georgia, and the Krystle Campbell tale is told as follows: “Allan Panter spoke with ABC News and he said he and another volunteer worked on a seriously injured woman right after the blast. ‘I started trying to control the airway, another gentleman started doing CPR and we worked until we got a stretcher there,’ said Panter. ‘We had a pulse until we got her to the medical tent and then we lost her.’”

So I’m a little confused. Did Panter leave her at the tent and then later learn that she had expired, or did she die upon arrival at the tent? Perhaps some of Panter’s interviews can clear that up, such as this one where, referring to Jeff Bauman, he boldly claims that, “a lady that we pulled out from under him was in traumatic arrest, basically. And we started working on her in between trying to put tourniquets around the gentleman who was laying right beside of her.”

Oh, I see. So Bauman was actually lying on top of Campbell. And so both of them, I suppose, were buried under the rubble. She must have been pretty hard to get to. I guess that’s why Panter ignored her for so long. But once he had dug the two of them out, he worked on them side-by-side, which of course is directly contradicted by numerous photos. Panter though has a script to follow, the evidence be damned, so he also claims that, “the gentleman who had his legs blown off had singed facial hair, so he obviously got a lot of the heat from it.” Obviously.


In another interview, Panter described how he quickly swung into action “and just started helping with the other bystanders, pulling people actually apart, because they were laying in a pile basically, with mangled limbs.” Once again, Panter is describing exactly what we have seen in the available photos, so there is no reason to suspect that he is anything other than a great American hero. Of that other great American hero, Jeff Bauman, Panter has said that, “He was pretty much as you’d describe, in shock. He was mumbling words, but not coherently.”

Not coherently? Really? Then how did he manage to notify two different people that he knew who was responsible for the bombings, resulting in the FBI pacing the hospital floor like an expectant father while Jeff was in surgery? Not only is everyone involved in this incident lying, they can’t even manage to all tell the same lies. And amazingly enough, despite not taking the time to roll up his sleeves before rushing into action, and despite allegedly performing triage on the two bloodiest and most seriously injured victims (Bauman and Campbell), Dr. Cleansleeves nevertheless managed to keep his shirt almost completely blood-free.

clean sleeves

Dr. Cleansleeves also didn’t bother with slipping on the official blue responder gloves. Many of the other emergency personnel didn’t either. And none of the medical personnel on the scene, without exception, bothered with surgical masks or eye protection either. And that, dear readers, is another clear giveaway that this entire incident was staged.

There was supposedly blood on the scene everywhere, flowing from scores of victims. A good number of those victims allegedly had explosively amputated limbs and were thus necessarily spurting blood everywhere. And yet none of the trained medical personnel on the job – not the doctors, not the nurses, not the EMTs – all of whom should have been well-versed on the dangers of blood-borne pathogens, bothered to don a surgical mask or eye protection. We live in an era when the family dentist will not take a peek in your mouth without a mask and eye protection and yet we are supposed to believe that all these unprotected medical professionals fearlessly waded through rivers of blood to perform triage on patients whose femoral arteries were spraying blood like garden hoses?

And it certainly cannot be argued that supply was a problem. As has been noted in numerous media reports, the medical tent set up just beyond the finish line was essentially a 100-bed field hospital. Masks and eye protection should have been just as easy to come by as those ubiquitous blue gloves. And yet after reviewing more images from that day than I care to remember, I have not seen a single medical responder wearing a mask or eye protection. Not one.

I had a lot more that I was going to discuss here but the rest will have to wait until the next outing because something else has come up that takes precedence: someone has boldly offered up a ‘debunking’ of my work on the Boston bombings. And there are few things that provide me as much enjoyment and entertainment as someone trying to ‘debunk’ my work, so I really need to focus the remainder of this post on that effort.

The ‘debunking’ was penned by someone named Anita Dalton-Clark, but since she makes very clear throughout her post that she is a big fan of my assignment of nicknames, I’m going to give her one of her very own: Fucktard.

First of all, it appears that Fucktard put the site up specifically to ‘debunk’ Boston bombing conspiracy theories. If you click on the links at the top, most of them lead nowhere. Other than her pathetic attempt to ‘debunk’ my work, there ain’t much else to be found on the site at all. So I guess I should be rather flattered that Fucktard put up an entire fake website just to feebly ‘debunk’ me.

I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to drop in and read what Fucktard has to say, most of which is just a lot of feigning of outrage over my supposedly insensitive treatment of the ‘victims.’ I am, of course, going to go over some of the highlights, but I would still recommend giving it a read. There is a lot of really funny stuff in there. Take, for example, Fucktard’s comments on shrapnel: “Shrapnel is not a bullet – it’s not aerodynamic, and it does not travel in a straight line. You cannot predict a shrapnel arc.”

You can imagine how stupid I feel! Foolishly, I had based my arguments on the universally accepted laws of physics – such as the one that says that a body in motion will continue in a straight line until acted upon by an outside force – without realizing that universal laws of physics don’t apply to shrapnel. You learn something new everyday I guess, and today we have learned that shrapnel is not bound by the physical laws that govern all other solid matter. It’s a good thing that Fucktard is looking over my shoulder or we might not have ever known that.

I would hope that anyone with at least two functioning brain cells realizes that when someone has to literally rewrite the laws of physics to make their point, that person is completely and totally full of shit. But Fucktard wasn’t satisfied with simply rewriting every physics textbook ever published, so she followed that up by rewriting the dictionary as well: “A moment is a minute, not a second.”

It is? Then why not just call it a minute? says that a moment is “an indefinitely short period of time; instant,” which doesn’t really sound like the definition of a minute. Again, I have to say here that I am very flattered, to say the least, because when someone has to rewrite both the dictionary and the laws of physics in a desperate attempt to ‘debunk’ me, that tells me that my work is pretty solid.

Elsewhere in Fucktard’s rant, she claims that hoody “was initially facing amputation but the doctors managed to save his legs.” And how does she know that? Because it says so on hoody’s repulsive fundraising site, so it surely must be true and no independent corroboration is required. She also says that, “It is clear on his right hand that he is missing the skin on (sic) middle and ring finger.” That “can be seen,” she says, “with the naked eye.”

Given Fucktard’s high level of visual acuity, she should have no trouble seeing that in hoody’s staged hospital pic, he has the index and middle finger on his right hand wrapped, not the middle and ring fingers. Those inept doctors who are treating him apparently wrapped the wrong fingers! I think we can all agree that it is just terrible to see such a horribly injured man receive such shoddy medical care.


Fucktard also complains that I didn’t show readers the photo below, taken from hoody’s fundraising page, which she seems to think proves that hoody was in fact gravely injured. Of course, we can’t actually draw any conclusions at all from the image because we have no idea who that leg is attached to, which is why I didn’t bother to include it. I also didn’t include the second image, which also conveniently leaves out the owner’s face. Tellingly, those are the only two images of hoody’s allegedly injured legs that can be found on his page.

fucktard2hoodylegOne of Fucktard’s most bizarre claims is that, contrary to one of my assertions, Nicole’s sister can be seen in some of the images. The photo below has been doctored by Fucktard to supposedly highlight that fact. It’s difficult to determine whether Fucktard is really as stupid as she is pretending to be here, but it is perfectly obvious that the woman she has indicated is the strawberry blond gal who remained on the scene completely immobile throughout the ordeal. And it is just as obvious that the two women, who completely ignored one another despite being in fairly close proximity, are not sisters.


Or maybe they are estranged sisters. Yeah, that’s probably it. They are estranged sisters who nonetheless attended the marathon together. Fucktard also claims that the same woman she identifies as Nicole’s sister “lost a leg.” In the photo below, it is difficult to determine which of her legs had to be amputated. Maybe they just took off both of them to be on the safe side. Apparently doctors took off a whole lot of perfectly good legs that day. Maybe they had a quota to fill or something.

Bostoncarnage.1Moving on, we find Fucktard dumping a huge load of horseshit with this passage: “I am unsure how McGowan would have had medical personnel and bystanders get Jeff Bauman, Jr. to help without it being graphically visible to the cameras. Had he been strapped down on a gurney, the horror of his legs would still have been visible and still would have been all over our TVs. Moreover, the wheelchair is important because it shows that Arredondo and others on the scene recognized how terrible Bauman’s wounds were. Had they waited for a gurney Bauman might have bled out. But understand that there would have been little way for Bauman’s injuries to have been hidden regardless of how he had been transported to help.”

Where to begin? With the irrefutable fact that Redcoat was hauled out of there on a gurney before Jeff’s famous wheelchair ride, revealing as a brazen lie the claim that there were no gurneys available? By noting that hoody was hauled out on a gurney with no part of his body visible? By noting that The Other Jeff was taken by wheelchair with his alleged injuries covered? By pointing out that the notion that Jeff was rushed away on the first available transport device due to the gravity of his alleged injuries is belied by the fact that he was allowed to bleed out on the ground for several minutes while numerous responders stood idly by?

There are numerous other things that Fucktard got wrong, but she did get one thing right – the images that I initially started this series with, and that I have long since moved on from, were crops of larger pics taken from an office window. When initially circulated on the web, they were billed as stills from a surveillance video and I had no reason to suspect otherwise. And what difference does it make? The source of the images has nothing whatsoever to do with what is depicted in them. And it’s not as if I, you know, tried to rewrite the laws of physics.

We can only hope that Fucktard keeps her word and posts ‘debunkings’ of the rest of the parts of my series. At times like these, we can all use a good laugh now and then.