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June 5, 2013

So a lot of people on the internet have been working very diligently to steer all of you away from this website. Fintan Dunne over at, for example, has opened up an entire discussion thread aimed at disparaging anyone who promotes the “theory” that the Boston bombings were staged events, with my site in particular singled out for ridicule.

Dunne freely tosses the word Cointelpro around, as he has long been fond of doing. He also feebly attempts to link me to Alex Jones, implying that I am following the lead of the Jonestown crowd. Nothing though could be further from the truth. The reality is that one of the first things that inspired me to look closely at the notion that there were actors involved was hearing Jones quickly shut down a caller who brought up the subject. Truth be told, Alex Jones and Fintan Dunne are marching in lockstep on this issue. And when Jones and Dunne are both telling you not to look at something, then that is probably exactly where your attention should be focused

Jones and Dunne aren’t the only internet blowhards out there who are actively working to discourage you from looking at what is clearly the Achilles heel of this operation. The gang over at SOTT has been busy as well, putting out a lengthy radio show and at least one post devoted exclusively to attacking ‘crisis actor theories.’ And again, my rather low-profile, not-so-well-traveled website is singled out for scorn.

All of the attacks on my site have conveniently avoided virtually all the evidence I have brought to the table in my ongoing series, pretending as though the ‘actors theory’ begins and ends with Jeff Bauman, a handful of cropped images, and the parade of hack youtube videos that have been thrown out there to muddy the waters. The sad reality is that, contrary to what Dunne and others imply, there are very few people trying to take an honest look at the photographic evidence and present it for what it is, which is why my website appears to be such a threat to them. The case that I have argued has obviously resonated with enough people that they now feel the need to go on the attack.

To which I say: bring it on! The guy over at SOTT claims that he is considering penning a point-by-point rebuttal. I am eagerly awaiting that. And I am readily available to debate what really happened at the Boston Marathon with anyone who questions my motivations and integrity. You have your own radio shows readily available, so let me know when you’re ready to rumble. Or we could do it in any other venue of your choosing, at any time of your choosing. I’ll bring the evidence and you can, I guess, bring your loud mouths.

In addition to those directly attacking the ‘actors theory,’ there are numerous other people out there working diligently to discredit the notion that the Boston Bombings were staged with the use of crisis actors. No one perhaps is doing a better job of that than the asshat who calls himself Dallas Goldbug. In case you’re not familiar with him, he’s the guy who basically claims that every prominent figure throughout history has been played by the same half-dozen actors. It’s hard to imagine anything doing more harm than the absurd photo montages that this guy routinely posts, most of them featuring the grammar and spelling skills of a first-grader.

Also doing serious damage, though in a much different way, is a gang of pseudonymed miscreants over at a September Clues forum. The battle cry among them is that all of the photos are fake, having been produced before the event, and all of the people in the photos are CGI creations referred to as “sims.” There is, therefore, no point in analyzing the images for content because the images themselves are entirely fake. Everyone posting there apparently has to toe the party line or face bullying, ridicule and/or outright banning. It is hard to imagine anything more counterproductive than actively steering people away from the smoking gun of this psy-op, which is clearly the photographic record. My website, once again, gets a dishonorable mention.

I am, by the way, aware of the fact that there are serious irregularities in the official stories of the arrest/killing of the Tsarnaev brothers. And I am also aware of the fact that the brothers had various shadowy connections to US intelligence agencies. And I am aware that the FBI executed a kid in his own home, tossed a couple of agents out of a helicopter, and took down an officer in a ‘friendly fire’ incident, all as part of the cover-up. I know all of that. And I’m pretty sure that you can read all about it on numerous other websites, if you haven’t already. But what you won’t really find elsewhere is any kind of serious analysis of the photographic record.

In every false-flag ‘terrorist’ incident that I can remember, evidence has quickly surfaced indicating that the designated patsy/alleged perpetrator had intelligence ties. But has that ever before led to any kind of large-scale political awakening by the American people? Not that I can recall. And it won’t this time either. But this time we have something we have never had before – a body of photographic evidence that irrefutably proves that we have been lied to on a massive scale.

We need really look no further than the two images presented below to see that. One of them we have seen before and the other is cropped from one of Tang’s images. Both depict the first bombing site just before responders started arriving on the scene. According to the official narrative and the accounts of various heroes and victims, what we should be looking at here is scores of victims with very serious injuries, including as many as three-dozen with traumatically amputated limbs. Those severed limbs should be littering the scene. We should also see people who have been charred and in some cases are still smoldering. We should see victims partially buried under the rubble of the buildings. We should see people with their faces partially blown off. We should see Carlos Arredondo heroically rescuing Jeff Bauman and Dr. Panter heroically trying to save Krystle Campbell. We should see bodies piled up in bloody mounds. We should see a dead man and an armless woman. We should see Jeff ’s friend and Hoody’s wife and Nicole’s sister and husband. What we shouldn’t see though is a bunch of glass blown out onto the pavement rather than into the building. Or civilians policing the area to keep other civilians away.



What is happening here very much reminds me of the post-911 days when a certain troglodyte by the name of Mike Ruppert was running around telling people to ignore the physical evidence because physical evidence never convinced anyone of anything, so it was much better to focus on the kinds of things that others are now focused on with regards to the Boston bombings. But guess what? That was complete bullshit then and it is still bullshit now.

And that, dear readers, is why I am going to continue to build a case around the photographic record, with the help of two collections of high-resolution images that are available on the web (though the owner of the larger and more useful collection has dickishly disabled downloading, but where there is a will, there is a way). Both of these collections are problematic in various ways, though they are nevertheless quite revealing.

Both sets were taken by guys who were in their offices overlooking the finish line who just happened to have digital SLRs handy. That’s the official story anyway, but I have serious doubts as to whether it was fate that put these two guys in ideal positions to photograph the first bombing site. One of them was Benjamin Thorndike, who had been sporadically photographing the marathon from his office window. Prior to the blast, Thorndike had snapped 263 entirely boring shots, including the winners and various others crossing the finish line. After the blast though, he did something very curious – he fired off 27 frames in about 15 seconds, shooting at a rate of about 2 frames per second, and then abruptly stopped just as things were getting interesting. In interviews, he has claimed that he stopped shooting because he and co-workers had to evacuate the building, a rather bizarre claim given that many on the scene sought the safety of nearby buildings.

Thorndike has stated that he quickly turned his images over to the FBI as possible evidence, so we know that his shots have been thoroughly vetted by the guardians of truth. So too have the photos taken by Aaron Tang, who was also uniquely positioned to capture the action.

Unlike Thorndike, Tang continued shooting until well after all the victims had been removed from the scene, but there are problems with his images as well. First of all, there is virtually no chance that the images he has released represent the complete collection. The released images represent an average shooting rate of something like 10 frames per minute for the first few minutes, compared to Thorndike’s rate of roughly 120 frames per minute. It is inconceivable to me that someone who happened to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time with a digital SLR in hand would have shot at such a leisurely pace. What was he waiting for – better lighting?

So I’m assuming that the images that Tang chose to release were undoubtedly carefully culled from a much larger set of images. And virtually all of the publicly available shots have one thing in common – all of our all-star victims remain concealed from view. In almost every image, human shields strategically block the camera’s view of what is going on down on the ground. I find it very hard to believe that that happened purely by chance.

Tang employs other tricks as well, such as cutting away at key moments to completely pointless shots of, for example, people haphazardly tearing down fencing that wasn’t even in anyone’s way. And when all else fails, he appears to resort to a little Photoshopping. You can judge for yourself when we get to the images in question. In some of his exposures, you see, there are gaps in the human shield that should allow us at least a glimpse of what was happening on the ground. But in pretty much every case, those gaps appear, to my eyes at least, to have been shopped.

Before beginning what will necessarily be a rather lengthy, multi-part presentation and analysis of the Thorndike and Tang images, I need to first clarify a couple things, beginning with the acknowledgement that what I will be using here are reduced-resolution versions of the original images. But that is not to hide anything from anyone; it is simply because my website does not have the bandwidth to accommodate hosting all of the original image files. We will also be looking at close-ups of key people and events.

I also wanted to note here that I did make a couple of errors in the earliest posts in this series with regards to the sequence of some of the images. They were honest mistakes though which I blame primarily on two factors: the rather bizarre actions of Carlos Arredondo and several of the assembled spectators (including the guy I like to call The Running Man), and the equally bizarre fact that the concentration of smoke on the scene at various times seems to defy any rational explanation.

From when I first began to study the available images, not long after the running of the marathon, my brain has been trying to impose some kind of logic on all of them. And that logic has taken the form of a persistent belief that if there was in fact just one explosive device detonated, and if that device was detonated on the ground, at the feet of victims, then the smoke resulting from that explosion should have been the thickest right after detonation, with it gradually dissipating thereafter. But that is not what actually happened. Not at all.

It would seem only logical that an image that is heavily obscured by smoke would necessarily depict things that happened earlier in the sequence of events than images that are crystal clear and almost entirely smoke-free … right? But that was definitely not the case here, as we will see as we work through the images. The earliest images are obscured by a thick cloud of smoke that dissipates pretty quickly, leaving the scene temporarily smoke-free, but a much larger cloud of smoke quickly settles in, once again obscuring the action. That cloud doesn’t dissipate quite as quickly and it inexplicably leaves behind a lingering column of smoke that just happens to be centered around our favorite victims, as though there were a fire smoldering right in the center of the action that all of the responders chose to ignore.

I am not at all sure at this time whether the unusual smoke patterns are the result of secondary sources of smoke, a whole lot of Photoshopping, or a combination of the two.

The actions of some of the actors on the scene also caused me a considerable amount of initial confusion. If, for example, one image depicts someone quickly running away from the scene, and a second image shows that same person still on the scene, one would naturally conclude that the second image must have been captured before the first. But logic doesn’t really apply here. Along those same lines, if one image appears to show someone just arriving on the scene, and other images show that same person positioned on the scene, your brain tends to sequence those images accordingly. But again, logic and rationality don’t really apply here.

When one image of Carlos shows him leaning up against the inside of the fence surveying the ‘victims,’ and another shows him appearing to start tearing down that fence from the inside, it isn’t really logical to conclude that the first shot was actually taken after the second, but that is nevertheless the actual sequence of events. One wouldn’t really expect Carlos to jump over the fence backwards, bringing part of it down in the process, only to then quickly restore the fence, turn around, and lean back against it. One wouldn’t expect it because Carlos was the big hero of this story, selflessly rushing to the aid of strangers in need. His purpose in crashing the party was supposedly twofold: to get at victims himself and offer assistance, and to open up a path for other responders to follow. The last thing then we would expect him to do would be to not just stand idly by, but to actively work to slow down the progress of other responders. And yet that is exactly what he did.

Ironically enough then, the mistakes I have made in this series have been largely due to my having at least subconsciously accepted some aspects of the official story. And now without further adieu, let’s get on with the show, beginning with the first batch of images from Mr. Thorndike’s camera, which are dominated by ‘The Flight of The Running Man.’ Actually, if you look closely you will see that that there were actually two running men who began from different starting points but converged on the same exit corridor, which happened to be in the opposite direction that almost everyone else fled. But that’s because they weren’t really fleeing the scene, as will become apparent.

A number of websites and various mainstream media sources initially claimed that The Running Man was being sought by authorities as a possible ‘person of interest,’ based on his hasty exit from the scene of the crime. But such claims don’t hold much water given that he never actually left the scene; he soon took up a position as one of the prone victims, and then later, showing considerable versatility, filled in as a concerned spectator.

Running Man and his cohort appear to have been site #1’s version of Shrapnel Man. I’m guessing that his initial task was, probably through both his words and physical appearance, to discourage any outsiders from rushing onto the scene. As can be seen in the images (once the smoke starts to clear), there was a large human blockade that created only a relatively narrow exit/entrance corridor in that direction. And yet Running Man, presumably in shock and running amid the smoke and confusion, immediately knew exactly where that corridor was. And he slowed down to a walk as soon as he got to it.

Because the Thorndike images were snapped so quickly, there isn’t much change from one image to the next. To conserve bandwidth then, I’m only going to present the even numbered images. You can view the full collection, along with all the pre-blast photos, at this link:






I was going to continue on with the Thorndike images but I rambled on for much longer than intended so I guess I’ll wrap up for now. One final note: a few readers seem to think that the injury to the gal in the wheelchair in my last post was a puncture wound with a blood trail running down her leg. A logical enough assumption – except that before she was wheeled off, she had been lying on the ground, as can be seen above. Why then would the blood trail run straight down her leg?

I guess that wasn’t the final note because I have one more thing to add here: the people who run the show in Washington are obviously aware of the fact that there is an abundance of evidence that reveals the truth about this operation. And they know that it is hiding in plain sight. But they aren’t too concerned about it because they know that everyone in the media is going to toe the line. Any number of mainstream media sources have the power to bring the truth to a wide audience, but that hasn’t happened and it isn’t going to happen. And the hopelessly fake organs of the ‘alternative’ media have fallen into their assigned roles as well.